Map of the earth showing the prevailing wind directions near the equator and middle latitudesA zephyr is a light wind or a wind from the west. There were mythical gods named after these winds, and in modern history, we have named all sorts of things after the zephyr from trains to planes, businesses to sports teams, automobiles and motorcycles. What is it about the west wind that is so appealing? Is it the name or does it have something to do with the western connotation it carries?


Claude Monet's Pond Lilies - Lilies float like clouds in a sky blue pondThanks to Raymond over at Incoming Bytes for today's inspiration

Yay I say to the ole fishing hole
That pond over yonder with the sky in blue
and lily pad blossoms like clouds
float like dreams past giant oak tree


A bluish glow emitted from a Xenon Gas Discharge Tube.Xenon (Xe) is a noble gas, found on the periodic table of elements all the way over in the far right column with the rest of the noble gases. It is quite heavy for a gas. Atomic number 54 and a standard atomic weight of a whopping 131.293, meaning that it has a whole bunch of neutrons inside that atomic nucleus along with all 54 protons. Only one noble gas is found below it in the column and that is Radon (Ra). Preceding Xenon is Helium (He) with 2 protons and 2 electrons, Neon (Ne) Atomic number 10, Argon (Ar) number 18, and then Krypton (Kr) number 36. 


Willy swimming with a log in his mouthThere is nothing more amazing than watching a Labrador Retriever chase a dummy in the water. We used to buy the big ones because the weight let you throw it further. With a 12-inch rope hanging off the end, you can throw one the length of a football field, and even further if you have a good wind to help you. Willy was our first Lab, and now we have Velvet. Velvet is showing a lot of enthusiasm in the play fetch department, and we can't wait to get her to a pond or lake.

Picture of Mike and Marg inside a red heart.Oh sure, I know that St. Valentine's Day is February 14th, and this is April 25th. But how could I do all this writing and not write about my sweetie, the lovely Mrs. Goodwife, the woman who puts up with me writing into the wee hours of the morning.


The Fairchild C119 Flying Boxcar was used to transport cargo and troops.The untold stories that fill my head should keep me busy for the next decade or so. By the time I use up what is up there now, I'll have another batch to share. U is getting near the end of the alphabet. We've got U today, then WXYZ is all that is left. I'm actually looking forward to the end of the challenge. There's a new site I'm working on and I've very excited about it. I have some good writers lined up, experts on the topics and they tend to be rather prolific. Won't this be fun. I'm sure we can even tell a few stories while we're working on getting our hands dirty (Hint hint).