A single strip of cooked bacon.With a keyword like that, we'll probably draw tons of traffic and some really good looking ads. That way, I don't need to put more pictures in the post and it's cheap entertainment too. Who knows, if you've got the right cookies stored on your computer, you might get some pictures of bacon cookies.

The first thing I think of when I hear the word "BACON", is that dog treat commercial. The dog is going crazy for some treat that is probably nothing more than artificially smoke flavored corn syrup and flour with some cheap meat flavor mixed in.

These strips of cheap calories and a flavor that dogs are supposed to love are nothing at all like the real thing. My last dog would eat them, then give me this sidelong look that could only mean, "Really? You try to pass that off as bacon?"

He knew what real bacon was and he loved it. Having been a true bacon aficionado, there was no fooling him. I felt bad we tried to trick him. No, it wasn't so we could hog the bacon and keep it for ourselves, but because we wanted him to have some tasty treats. So, we bought the package of ill-named bacon substitute without really reading the ingredients. He sniffed the package and seemed enthused, but... his taste buds were less than enthusiastic.

Lately there is this big bacon craze going on. You can find bacon posts on Google +, facebook, twitter, and all kinds of places you'd never expect it. Hashtags to search for bacon abound―#Bacon #BaconBits #BaconPie #BaconSalad and even #HealthyBacon.

Trust me. If your bacon is healthy, you can make it taste good by cooking it in bacon grease. It won't be as good as regular bacon, but certainly better than fake bacon dog treats, which I don't recommend and neither does my dog.

I saw this cooking show where a guy wrapped a ground-pork meatloaf in bacon and cooked it on the grill. When it was done, he ate the bacon. What?

By the way, I happen to love bacon. I would eat it for breakfast almost everyday. Every day except Tuesdays, when I would eat pork sausage to give my taste buds a break. But, as anyone who eats (or does not eat) bacon knows, bacon is not good for you. If you eat too much bacon, you will not live forever and if you don't live forever (or at least grow old) you will get to eat a lot less bacon.

Moderation is Recommended.

I personally make sure that I eat bacon at least once per year, and no less. I would like to eat it more, but I would then be responsible for my cardiologist having a heart attack, and I'd hate to have that on my conscience. So, every so often, but not very often, we get a package of bacon (the extra thick cut) and cook up a few pieces. The dog gets a piece, the boss gets a piece, and Mama gets a piece.

When I was kid, Mom fried lots of stuff in bacon grease. It was a way of life. Fish especially. Mmmmm. Once I saw my grandmother butter a piece of bread, then fry it in bacon grease, both sides. Can you say "Fat Sandwich?" I found out that too, was a way of life. My girlfriend when I was a senior in high school, had a father who told me his mother sent them to school with lard sandwiches. They were wrapped in foil and they'd put them on the radiator in the winter. By lunch time they were ooey gooey yumminess. For a special treat, the lard was substituted for bacon grease.

Bacon is one of those things you eat because you love it. It's not good for you, but it sure is yummy. Life without bacon--#Fail

Photo Credit: Bacon by Made2Order555 on Wikimedia Commons