Images of a statue holding it's face in disbelief.I think one of my biggest peeves in the online world is people who are in such a rush, they don't bother to read what you've written. Worse are the people who are so full of themselves they think no one else is capable of coherent thought.

Not so long ago, I visited a support forum for a company that claims they offer stellar support. Having bothered to read the FAQ and the "Stickied" posts about decorum and how to ask for help. I wrote my post and was very careful to include all the information that was requested, along with a detailed description of my problem.

Within an hour, my post had a reply from the forum moderator. The reply was short and to the point.

"Read the FAQ and Stickies at the top of the page before posting support questions and follow the guidelines or we cannot help you."

The signature line indicated the moderator was a real, live person and not some automated robot.

I responded. "I read the FAQ and the stickies and included all the information requested before I posted. Please read my original post."

The response from the moderator indicated they considered themselves far superior to all other human beings and that my ill behavior on the forum was not appreciated.

It seems to me not listening or reading before responding is an increasing habit today. I pulled into a drive-up window and ordered a large black coffee.

"Would you like cream or sugar with that?"

"You think I want cream or sugar in my black coffee?"



We sit down in a restaurant and my wife asks for the gluten-free menu. (Gluten is a protein found wheat and related grains.) She can't have gluten in any form. The restaurant has a gluten-free menu to accommodate people who have Celiac Disease or Gluten Intolerance. The server brings her the menu and puts a basket of bread in front of her.

"Here's the Gluten Free menu and this is a basket of our signature bread. Can I get you something to drink?"

Dimwit. This is the person who would give peanut butter to someone with a peanut allergy.

Dimwittedness has nothing to do with intelligence. It has to do with the complete lack of common sense or forethought.

While I certainly understand that everyone makes mistakes, I have no tolerance for people who are obviously dimwits because they fail to exercise even the tiniest bit of common sense. Not reading what was written for them to read, and then making assumptions that you didn't write anything of importance. Not listening to a customers request.

Maybe it is information overload. I'm not sure, but I listen when someone speaks to me and read before I write a reply. If someone tells me they have a severe food allergy, I make sure they don't get that kind of food from me.

Who was the last Dimwit you encountered?

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