A baked apple pie decorated with vent holes.Easy on the eyes. Easy on the ears. Easy to do. Easy to say. Push the easy button. Take it easy.

If everything in life was easy, we'd all be on Easy Street and life would be easy as pie. I can do that -- easy peasy. The fishing is easy. Easy living. Easy Rider. That was easy. Easy come, easy go. Go easy on that, will you please. There, wasn't that easy?

Easy is one of those words that you can fit into just about any phrase to make something seem, easy. I kid you not. Try it out. Driving a car is... Opening the mail is... The refractory aspect of optical physics is... Okay so maybe not "everything" is easy. Certainly, Albert Einstein's theory of special relativity is not easy to understand. Neither is string theory or the difference between up quarks and down quarks (yes, they are real things).

Opening a wormhole to specific place (and time) is certainly not easy for us humans here on earth, but some advanced civilization on another planet, in another galaxy, that has a 2000-year head start on their science, might think it easy. Or least not hard given the right tools and process. Who knows, maybe they visit us from time to time to check on our advancement. If so, let us hope they don't watch our television sitcoms for signs of intelligence.

There is a relationship between Einstein's Theory of Relativity and Easy and that is, everything is relative as evidenced by the previous speculation about wormholes and alien civilizations.

Finding the cosine of an angle is easy if you can do simple division and know the lengths of the vectors that make up the angle. Finding an angle's cosine is much more difficult for most people if you only know the angle. But, those that know Calculus and can apply a Taylor Series Algorithm to the problem won't have much trouble figuring it out. Of course, the cosine of any angle is easy to find on a calculator or looked up on a table.

Did you know that trigonometry functions on a calculator are not calculated, but loaded from a table? It's faster to do it that way, and of course, easier.

Ever ask someone for directions and they respond by telling you it is easy to get there, and then proceed to completely befuddle you with a complex series of turns, streets, and landmarks. Wouldn't it have been easy to just turn on the GPS and ask it for directions?

Maybe not, if you accidentally enter the right city name but the wrong state.

What about going to Las Vegas and plopping down 10,000 dollars on the roulette wheel, say on the double 00. Payout is 35 to one, or 350,000 dollars. Easy money if you win. Not so easy to swallow if you lose. But each time they spin that wheel, the odds of any number coming up are just 35 to 1.

It's much easier to win at roulette than it is to win the lottery.

Next time someone tells you its easy. Ask them to define easy and in relation to what, because without the relativity, it probably isn't easy.

Photo Credit: Easy as Pie by Jonathunder at Wikimedia Commons.