Authors concept of dreaming, laying on back as memories swirl about.I'm one of those nostalgic people. Show me something from my past and it will trigger a flood of memories that come rushing back. It comes easy to me. The smell of wood smoke and I remember trips to the family cabin, or a campground. Sitting around the fireplace at home in the winter, cozy and warm. Maybe with mug of Tom & Jerry to sip, hot chocolate, or even just a dissolved bouillon cube in hot water.


American Flag Cover the Mall in Washington DCBoston, Massachusetts. April 15, 2013.

I was horrified to learn late this evening that bombs went off in Boston at the annual Boston Marathon and killed 3 people, and injured many more.


A brick and slices of Limburger cheese on a plate with bread.It seems forever since I indulged in a pungent slice of the smelly cheese that my grandfather loved to eat. I remember as a very young boy when I stayed with my grandmother and grandfather, he would take me with him on his Saturday errands, which were much more than errands.


Multiple images of colored glass view through a kaleidoscope.Kaleidescope memories, a world gone by
Look inside, see mind's eye
Fuzzy and broken, first glance appear
Closer exam, reality clear

Red coffee berries on a bush, ripening for harvest.Let's be clear. Java. Coffee. Java specifically means good coffee, at least in my book. I start just about every day with java and drink about three mugs worth, on average. Java gives you a kick in the pants. A sort of, hello, time to start the new day and get a bunch done kick. It's a wakeup call after your wakeup call and it will chase the sleep from your eyes, the creak from your bones, and the cobwebs from your brain.


Vincent Van Gohg's Starry Night 1889 - impressionist painting of a starry night.The ability to form thoughts and even sensations without the use of our physical senses is imagination. It is critical to problem solving, creativity, and learning. Although using imagination was frowned upon at one time, we now know that it is a critical thought process. Without imagination, we don't have complex math, ways to explore and formulate scientific theories, or any of the artistic ways we express ourself.

Have you ever asked, "How do I do this?"

And someone answered, "Use your imagination."