Porcupine quills--long pointed sharp hairs used as defense.Quills. Usually I associate a quill with a porcupine. Their quills are actually hair. Long, thick, hard and sharp. Popular belief in years past was that a porcupine could flick his tail at you and fill the air with missiles that would puncture your skin and leave you hurting. The myth was untrue as porcupines cannot "throw" their quills. If they swat you or any other critter with their tail, the quills will easily puncture the skin, grab on with their barbs and indeed, a painful removal experience awaits those foolish enough to allow themselves to be swatted.


Picture of a dream catcher.Peace is a fleeting glimpse of heaven. Throughout history, mankind has dreamed of peace, but I have come to sincerely doubt that we can ever truly be at peace. Throughout my lifetime, there has never truly been peace anywhere, and I've lived a few years on this piece of rock we call earth. Third rock from the sun. One of eight (or nine if you're old like me) and of all the worlds in this solar system, ours seems the least peaceful, at least from our point of view.


Statue of a man holding his face with one hand.Oh is one of those words you can pair up with other words to make different meanings. Recently, one author gained some notoriety for how many times she used the phrase "Oh my" in her book. In that case, the character was often expressing disbelief in regards to the strange new relationship she had begun with a man and the new things she was experiencing.


Authors concept of dreaming, laying on back as memories swirl about.I'm one of those nostalgic people. Show me something from my past and it will trigger a flood of memories that come rushing back. It comes easy to me. The smell of wood smoke and I remember trips to the family cabin, or a campground. Sitting around the fireplace at home in the winter, cozy and warm. Maybe with mug of Tom & Jerry to sip, hot chocolate, or even just a dissolved bouillon cube in hot water.


American Flag Cover the Mall in Washington DCBoston, Massachusetts. April 15, 2013.

I was horrified to learn late this evening that bombs went off in Boston at the annual Boston Marathon and killed 3 people, and injured many more.