A single strip of cooked bacon.With a keyword like that, we'll probably draw tons of traffic and some really good looking ads. That way, I don't need to put more pictures in the post and it's cheap entertainment too. Who knows, if you've got the right cookies stored on your computer, you might get some pictures of bacon cookies.

The first thing I think of when I hear the word "BACON", is that dog treat commercial. The dog is going crazy for some treat that is probably nothing more than artificially smoke flavored corn syrup and flour with some cheap meat flavor mixed in.


Picture of Jed Clampett (Buddy Ebsen) and Granny (Irene Ryan) from the Beverly Hillbillies"Look at that Bumpkin." Know what I'm talking about? Oh you don't? Huh. Well let me just fill you in a little.

A bumpkin refers to someone who is ignorant or uneducated. It is a derogatory term often assigned to people who live in rural or agricultural areas by people who live in larger towns and cities. The meaning infers that someone from the country lacks social expertise, street smarts, or just plain, everyday knowledge.

It conjures up the image of tall, muscular guy in a flannel shirt and denim overalls with a dumb look on his face as if confronted with something that doesn't happen in everyday life on the farm and he can't conceive that such a thing is even possible.


Picture of a Red AppleApples. "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." Does it really? One often wonders where this sort of phraseology comes from. If you eat the whole thing, and eat lots of apples, you could actually poison yourself if you ate enough of them. You see, apple seeds contain amygdalin, a compound that changes into hydrogen cyanide when it is metabolized by the body.

Hydrogen cyanide is a deadly poison that makes for a quick death that include a final horrifying last few moments.

Oh the deadly apple. If you're thinking this might be a way to do in that spouse you've grown tired of, you might be rightif you were able to obtain enough apple seeds to extract the amygdalin. Just for the sake of argument, you could get enough poison from a bushel of apples for the deed.


Homemade rolls still in the pan.Aromatic memory. It drifts into your senses and dislodges the past from its hiding place with a gentle prod of crowbar-like insistence. Images swirl like the scent around you, twisting, wending, finding their way inside and there is little to do but pause and savor moments in time past. Moments long gone. Moments never forgotten.

The sidewalk is busy and people move quickly. Commuters on their way into the city hurry for the train with their cups of coffee and paper bags that carry sweet roll, donut, muffin or scone. Newspapers tucked under arms, briefcases and backpacks. Umbrellas for cloudy skies.


Image of an aisle in a grocery store.Eric checked his pockets again, then added chocolates to the cart. From another aisle came a bouquet of flowers. After wandering a bit, he found the card section and selected one that seemed special. Into the cart.

At the end of the card aisle were some bows and ribbons and he chose a fancy matched set for chocolates box.

Finally, he was home. "I was listless at the store hon, got this stuff instead."