Dreams – Photo by MJ Logan

Sweet dreams
they flee before my eyes
In battle for conscious state
when sated is my need for sleep
but wanting slumber still and deep.

Where did they go?
Whence did they come?
These moments of clarity
when vision of reality
is more than truth.

Sweet dreams,
like watercolor scenes
in rainy-day windows
slip through fingers
in waking moments past.

What is real
in almost slumber,
but escapes our grasp
as the world intrudes
it cannot last.

Sweet dreams
hazy sharp contrast
fuzzy fogged stills
dance for thee
across mind’s canvas.

Wish or want,
hope or dream,
of times to come
so always perfect
then there, now slip away.

Sweet dreams
pastel colored echoes
of waking moment memory
in sharpened real hues
of sleep’s tender cradle.

Where go forgotten wisps
of almost thought?
They flee like clouds
before the winds
of conscious mist.

Sweet dreams
they flee before my eyes
moments pass
swirling fog battle
for sleep and wake.

Try thee capture the ghosts
of mind’s creation
Before they skip from vision;
a fleeting glimpse
of moon passing clouds.

Sweet dreams
Would I sadden at the loss of
painted precious thought
that slipped like sand
through child’s play fingers.

Sweet dreams
every moment precious
real and then not
gone without gasp
forgotten but not.


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