Marathon Terror Tragedy

Marathon Terror Tragedy

Boston, Massachusetts, April 15, 2013

I was horrified to learn late this evening that today, bombs went off in Boston at the annual Boston Marathon and killed 3 people, and injured many more.

Today, I was immersed in the business of Uncle Sam and taking care of things that should have been done weeks ago, but there just hasn’t been time. I stayed off social media and didn’t check email. Most of my writing was numbers and figures, entering stuff I’d rather not look at ever, but am instead forced to acknowledge once every year, and throughout the monthly bookkeeping process.

What madness is overtaking the world? From whence does this outflowing of hatred and horrific murder happen to come from?

And apparently, within minutes, major news agencies were already politicizing the tragedy.

Get over yourselves. The only madness greater than the bombings in Boston are the scrambling of news organizations to make the most of it. To get the pundits on the air and get their opinion so that within an hour, there is no discerning what is fact and what is fiction. To point fingers and say, ‘It was probably such-n-such group that did this.’

By what authority do you people have to spew this kind of nonsense? If ever there was a moment to shut up and be respectful, to stand side-by-side with other Americans and say, “God Help Us”, this was the moment. Instead, in an act of utter failure, some journalists fell all over themselves trying to point fingers and blame someone, anyone, and especially those they disagree with on a political front.

I say Shame! Shame on all of you that speculated without any sort of proof whatsoever, about who it was or even why.

The people of Boston are reeling and the rest of our nation along with them is horrified and our journalists are spewing hatred.

This country is on a fast track to disintegration and when it finally falls apart completely, the news media, the journalists, the pundits, and the hate spewing assholes can all pat themselves on the back and tell each other job well done.

God Bless Boston and God Bless America.

I acknowledge that not all participated in the spew-fest, and to those that did not, I send my grateful appreciation.

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