“Water Lilies” by Claude Monet 1919 Painting

Yay I say to the ole fishing hole
That pond over yonder with the sky in blue
where lily pad blossom clouds
float like dreams past giant oak tree

Like sky above we ponder its depths
not birds of wonder but bass to plunder
Pole in hand and worm on hook
No need to bring a reading book

A hot summer day
that cool shade beckons
beneath the tree
to sit and dream

Of days of plenty
or peaceful times
a pretty girl
or lemon-lime ice

Where have ye gone
ole fishing hole
that place where youth
plied your water

or cooled off
with laughing holler
Gone to the past
The back of my mind

Like that lovely girl
Oh Clementine
The days have past
the man grows old

and wishes for that pot of gold
not metal or green
no not that kind
He wishes for his peace of mind

A place to fish
and ponder time
girl oh that golden hair
and ever were that skin so fair

Did she ever really exist
Utopia’s like a rainy mist
cannot be grasped
Only missed

Unless you find that ole fishing hole
visit again take a long cane pole
sit on the bank ‘neath the grand oak tree
and ponder dreams of long past times

Remember the girl with mysterious eyes
the darkest hair and lovely perfume
The one who danced a special tune
With you alone under brilliant moon

There’s the place you want to be
Not alone nor anywhere else
just sit beneath the ole oak tree
and fish for dreams with the one you love

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