Willy, short for Willy The Wonderful Waterdog Leaps off the boat to chase a throwing dummy. The still picture lacks the proper perspective as his tail never stopped wagging, even when he leaped or swam. Photo by MJ Logan.

Willy’s Spaghetti

Willy was a member of our family, my best buddy, and will forever remain alive in my heart. He left us for the rainbow bridge last year and while he was alive, he changed forever how I perceive and understand the way some animals think and act. One day, when Willy was about nine months old―almost but not quite full grown―Marg made spaghetti for dinner and as on so many other occasions, what ensued next woke up Muse…

The Muse

Willy, the Black Labrador Retriever Patiently Laying on his side and Watching“Boy oh boy does that smell good. I can’t wait for dinner. She’s been cooking that stuff all day and I just can’t wait for dinner. Mike ALWAYS shares with me and I can’t wait.”

“What’s she doing now? What’s that funny looking stringy yellow stuff? Looks hot. All steamy and hot and probably yummy. I love yummy stuff. Mmmm my mouth is watering, just look at the puddle of drool. Mmmm Mmmm Mmm!”

“Now what’s she doing. She’s mixing the yellow stringy stuff with the red yummy smelling stuff. Man that smells better than bacon. I wish I had some bacon right now. I do. If I had some bacon, I’d eat it and Mike would give me more. Then Mama would give me some and my tummy tum tum would be happy happy!”

“Now she’s going in the fridge. Lot’s of good stuff in the fridge. Mike brings it home and puts it in there. I keep trying to figure out how to open the door, but I don’t have hands. I’ll get it someday. I will. What’s that? Ohhhh cheese! Good cheese and I like stuff with cheese in it. Cheese is almost as good as bacon and…”

“Oh goody goody she’s putting it on the table. I get some too! Don’t forget me!



“She forgot to give me some! I’m right here, can’t she see me drooling? Mama?”

“I can’t believe she forgot me. Mike will share though, he always does and I’ll get some. Just wait and have patience. Mike always says patience. Patience patience I’m tired of having patience I want some yummy tummy spaghetti now!”

“Wheres MY spaghetti Mama?”

“Wait. What’s she doing? Where’s she going? Downstairs…. Ohhhhh! Willy be good. Don’t even think about it. No don’t think about it. But… but… Mike always shares and he won’t mind if I have just a little bite. This is his chair and that’s his plate. Can I reach it? Maybe if I put my feet on the chair…”

“Mmmm this is yummy mummy yummy in my tummy this is so good Mama is such a good cook and I love this spaghetti. Yum yum yum yum!”




“Uh oh Uh oh Uh oh I’m in trouble with Mama. Big trouble. Mama is mad when did she come back up the stairs? How did… eat fast. Eat really fast you’re in trouble and you might as well eat it all now. No going back and chomp chomp gobble gulp faster eat faster.”


“Eat faster gulp and another bite here she comes and..”


“Gulp gobble Run! Run for my life! Where’s Mike. Here he comes! Oh No! Oh No! What did I do I ate all Mike’s yummy spaghetti!”

“Hide! Hide! Where To Hide! The bedroom. Run for the bedroom and…”

“Willy what did you do? Were you a bad boy?”

“Honest Mike I only wanted a bite and she didn’t give me any. It’s her fault. It’s all her fault.”

“Look guilty. That always works. Roll the eyes up, head down, tag barely wagging. That’s right, that’s right.”

“Mike Mike I didn’t mean to. Honest Mike I only wanted a bite a taste a smidgen and then it was gone. Oh Mike I’m so sorry. I am I am I am. Please please please forgive me.”

“Big sigh he doesn’t look too mad. Mama’s talking to him listen, be good be very good be extra very good good I’m a good doggie. The best doggie. I’m Mike’s best buddy and …”

The Images

Like any other nine month old puppy, Willy was still learning the rules. Marg went to the top of the stairs that lead to the lower level of our raised ranch to call me for dinner. And as you’ve already seen, Willy helped himself to a taste. Except… it wasn’t just a taste.

When Marg turned around, his mouth was full of spaghetti and it was hanging down on both sides and in front like some caricatured red-streaked beard. When Marg yelled, Willy ate faster, trying to gulp down what he already had in his mouth before it was taken away.

Marg was upset, but also amused. For me, it was just another highlight of life with my best buddy.

Photo of Willy by Margaret Williams – Copyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved.

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