A child with his kaleidoscope. Photo by Luisella Planeta

Kaleidoscope images. Multi-colored shapes reflected in the mirrors of the kaleidoscope.Kaleidescope memories, a world gone by
Look inside, see mind’s eye
Fuzzy and broken, first glance appear
Closer exam, reality clear

Look in the scope
The life gone by
Our memory there
All colored and mixed
Like shard of mirror
An image splinter

A mind inters
Inside a prison
The past events
And simple wisdom

Open your mind to the world inside
Those memories give a jittering ride
Over the years down forgotten lane
Kaleidescope colors–fall leaves in rain

Listen my friend to voices inside
Friendly voices–a welcoming tide
That overwhelm fears
and wipe away tears

Voices from past, years gone by,
Voices open, your wandering eye
Take you back to misty times
Images shattered by so many lines

Where are we going
but into the past
Life is dream
a pleasant repast
broken pieces
of colored glass

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